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Posts tagged: parades end


and there will be no more parades.


"A Vice-Chancellor’s Latin prize man". Well, I’m sure that will come in useful. 

Deprensum in puero tetricis me vocibus, uxor, corripis et culum te quoque habere refers.


Oh God..don’t make me do things to you , I can’t resist it - 

I’ve had to quit staying up late, too. ;-)


Do you Know what he’s doing? He’s making corrections in the Encyclopedia Britannica!. If I’d killed him no jury would convict!.

It’s OK, Chrissie. Quiet genius.


“Given his social backing, he thinks it’s his duty as my husband to give. He’s Jesus Christ calling on the woman taken in adultery. By all the saints, I’ll make that wooden face wince yet. I’ll bring him to heel.”