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Have you ever come up against a character that you found profoundly difficult to connect with?" - Oz Comic Con, Sydney 12/04/14


When I see Tom Hiddleston smile, the whole goddamn world lights up. It is impossible not to be happy when you see it.





Thor: The Dark World Featurette - Loki: The God of Mischief (Includes behind the scenes SDCC footage!)

*muffled whimpering*

Tom answered that question wrong the first time,the right answer is among the Iron Man,Hulk and Loki,he thought it is Iron Man,but the right answer is Loki!So at the end of this interview….

This wasn’t the first time the question was asked. The first time, Tom lost it laughing.

Do I like being thought of as attractive? I don’t know anyone on Earth who doesn’t, but I do find it funny.


#JesusChrist #TomHiddleston don’t look at me like that! 

Only Lovers Left Alive interview (x)

I can’t see this gif set and not reblog (especially that last gif)…


I say ‘yes’ a lot. It looks like I’ve been a circus bear, but it’s more fun to do that sort of thing than to endlessly recycle answers.

Where’s the quote from?

Tom getting distracted during interviews.

Stay hungry. Stay humble. :-)